Expect Excellence.

Choosing the right law firm is hard.  At Community Law Office, we work with all our clients to provide clear, compassionate legal representation.  No matter what brings you in -- be it employment discrimination, civil rights, divorce, or estate planning -- the experienced team at CLO will treat you with the dignity and respect they deserve.  Standing up for your rights is hard, but recovery can be easier with CLO.

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CLO's Services

Community Law Office provides a variety of services to meet client needs.  If representation, consulting, or training isn't what you're looking for, send us a message anyway.  We'll do everything we can to get you the services you need.


CLO offers full service legal representation in discrimination and civil rights settlement negotiations and lawsuits. We'll help you navigate the complex administrative and court systems to achieve a result that works for you.

One-Time Consulting

Some people prefer to pursue their case without a lawyer. If this is the best option for you, CLO offers one-time case evaluations to help you understand the law, procedures, and requirements of bringing your discrimination claim yourself.


The best way to stop discrimination is through education. CLO offers training courses to employers, landlords, nonprofits, and community members to address appropriate behavior, legal requirements, and current trends in civil rights.

A New Kind of Lawyer

Times are changing and you need a lawyer who keeps up.  We continuously innovate to improve efficiency, increase client satisfaction, and use cutting-edge technology.  CLO proudly supports progressive causes through volunteering and donations.

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